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 Helping people create their own beautiful environment in which to live and thrive is the goal of OMountain Homes, LLC. We help people to achieve their dream of the perfect place to reside. Whether you want us to build your entire home, remodel your kitchen or bathroom or construct a room addition, OMountain Homes, LLC can help. Big or small, with or without blueprints, Greg Jordan of Omountain Homes, LLC has been helping people realize their vision for more than 30 years.

Custom Homebuilding

Starting out as a child helping his father build carports and greenhouses, Greg's passion for building began very young and has continued to grow over the years. Framing houses in high school led to more intricate endeavors in construction that has transported him into every phase of the homebuilding process. Knowing and understanding how all of the separate components of a structure interface has led him to be a detail oriented builder who believes that, regardless of size, it is the quality that matters with your finished home or remodeling project.

Greg Jordan

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Building memories that last a lifetime

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